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I-CAN E-File Free Online Tax Preparation

Tax Year 2011 I-CAN! E-File will be available in January, 2012.

I-CAN! E-File web-based software will help you do your federal and state of Michigan taxes for FREE in English or Spanish. Taxes are easy to do with I-CAN! E-File and you don't need to be a computer expert. Answer a few questions and I-CAN! E-File will prepare your tax forms for you. Learn more....

Click Here to access ICAN! E-File


I-CAN E-File is web-based software developed by the Legal Aid Society of Orange County that allows workers to electronically file their income taxes and apply for the EITC online at no charge. It is available in English and Spanish. And, thanks to continuing support from the Michigan Credit Union League, I-CAN! E-File also allows Michigan residents to file their Michigan state tax returns and claim the Michigan Home Heating and Homestead Property Tax credits.

The Michigan Poverty Law Program has partnered with Michigan credit unions and Michigan Works! agencies as well as other legal aid programs to promote the Earned Income Tax Credit and ICAN E-File. Over 100 credit unions are participating in this years campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions about ICAN! E-File


What do I need to get started with ICAN! E-File?
A computer connected to the internet and a printer with the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser (most computers that run Windows have this browser installed). You don't need to download any special software - just point your browser at the ICAN!-E-File web site and off you go.

What tax information do I need?

  • W-2's for you, your spouse, and your children
  • Information about any other income, such as:
    - Income from 1099s (example: self-employment)
    - Income from Unemployment Benefits
    - Income from interest, pension, retirement, annuity, rental property and other sources
  • Correct birth names and Social Security numbers for you, your spouse and children
    *If you do not have a Social Security Number, you cannot get the Earned Income Credit. You can file an "amended return" after you get a Social Security Number. And you can also file your taxes and receive the Child Tax Credit if you have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
    - Click here for more information about ITINs
    - Click here for information about how to apply for an ITIN (in English and Espanol)
    - Use the following links to get an Application for an ITIN (W-7 Form):
    English Espanol
  • Information about child care, if you used it:
    - Name, phone number, and address of child care facility
    - Amount paid during the year for child care
    - Federal taxpayer identification number or Social Security number of the facility or individual
    - Whether or not your employer pays part of the child care
  • Your bank account's routing number and your email address - You ONLY need this if you want to e-file OR if you want the IRS to deposit your refund directly into your bank account. (If you don't have a bank or email account, ICAN can still help you complete your returns!)

What if I need more time?
If you need more time or cannot finish in one sitting, I-CAN will give you a password. You can use your password to return to your work anytime.

When you are done Keep your copies!
When you are done, I-CAN will print a copy of tax forms for you to keep, even if you e-file. If you e-file, you will need to also sign and send in a form called Form 8453 OL. (It is only one page.)

If you are MAILING in your returns, then you need to:
o Sign them
o Put them in an envelope with the correct postage
o Mail them to the address on the cover sheet
o Keep a copy for yourself

If you are E-FILING your returns, then you must:
o Sign Form 8453 OL and send it in a stamped envelope to the IRS
o Check your email in 2-4 days to see if the IRS confirms or rejects your e-filed return
o SAVE your ICAN! password. If you need to re-file or change anything later, you can go back to your return with your password.
o Keep a copy of your tax forms for your records.


Resources for ICAN! eFile Partner Organizations

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