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Resources and Toolkits for Organizations - Promoting the EITC

EITC Outreach Toolkit 

This is for use by local coalitions and VITA sites to promote free tax assistance, free online tax services, and to discourage the use of expensive tax preparation services such as refund anticipation loans. (Prepared by the Michigan Economic Impact Coalition with the graphics assistance of the MSU chapter of Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations):

EITC Flier - simple

EITC Flier version 2
EITC Flier - with graphics (Publisher)
EITC Brochure - mailer (Publisher)

EITC Brochure in Spanish

Flier Discouraging RAL Use (Publisher)

Volunteer Brochure
Volunteer Flier
Volunteer Poster with tear offs (Publisher)
Volunteer Poster with tear offs


What does the EITC Mean in Terms of Dollars?

Click here for a chart showing the benefit of the Michigan EITC for individuals and families at various income levels.



Other Benefits for EITC Recipients - Food Assistance, MI Child, etc.

Many people who qualify for and receive the Earned Income Tax Credit may also qualify for other benefits such as Food Assistance, Healthy Kids or MI Child health insurance.  Certain VITA sites will be offering assistance to client in enrolling for these benefits.  Additionally, the Michigan Primary Care Association has created fliers which EITC Coalition partners can post, alerting clients to their potential eligibility for these benefits.  MCPA's fliers are posted here, if your organization would like to display them; anyone wanting more information can contact Phillip Bergquist

at 517-827-0473.

Sample Flier for Food Assistance and Health Insurance Benefits 

Food Assistance Outreach Flier

MPCA Outreach and Enrollment Fact Sheet


Videos to Promote the EITC and VITA - short version - long version



A Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA) to Promote the EITC and VITA

Click here for a PSA from Michigan Association of United Ways.



Funding Resources for Local Organizations and Coalitions

Contracting with the State of Michigan--If your organization is interested in contracting with the state to provide local EITC outreach, financial literacy and asset building services, check here often to see if such grants are available by competitive bid.




Michigan Association of United Ways offers the 2-1-1 help line in many Michigan counties. By calling 2-1-1, tax filers can get information on VITA sites and other services in their area. A map of which counties in Michigan currently have 2-1-1 service (covering 81% of Michigan's population) can be found here. If your county does not yet have 2-1-1 service, filers can call 1-800-552-1183 to find out about VITA sites. 


Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Partner Toolkit

At this website is an array of useful general and specialized marketing tools, including templates, statistics, fact sheets, how-to tips, specialized products and links to other helpful resources.


Resources for Employers from PHIMichigan

PHIMichigan has paycheck stuffers that employers can use to promote the EITC, free VITA services, and I-CAN free tax filing to their employees. Click here for their Tax Year 2010 paycheck stuffers!



Center on Budget and Policy Priorities' EITC Outreach Kit

This provides the information and materials you need to develop a vibrant Tax Credit Outreach Campaign. It is updated each year. Click here


Best Practices Manual

Southwestern Michigan EIC Coalition Best Practices Manual Word Small Icon



National Community Tax Coalition Toolkit

Engaging your Elected Officials in EITC Outreach: A Guide for Community Tax Assistance Sites


Engaging your Elected Officials in EITC Outreach - Full Guide

Engaging your Elected Officials in EITC Outreach - by Chapter


EITC Platform

EITC Platform is a resource for organizations providing low-income tax preparation services.  The platform offers practical, high-quality tools, training, group buying discounts and other resources to community-based programs and coalitions nationwide, with the goal of raising the quality, efficiency, capacity, scale and impact of EITC and free tax preparation programs. Click here.

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