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Reports, Research and Statistics

Michigan Reports


Fact Sheet: Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit  (Michigan League for Public Policy, January 2011)

Michigan 2-1-1: Year Three (Michigan Association of United Ways, July 2010)

Economic Benefits of the Earned Income Tax Credit in Michigan (Anderson Economic Group, August 2009)

Michigan 2-1-1: Year Two (Michigan Association for United Ways, June 2009)

IRS Powerpoint Presentation--2009 Learning Exchange (IRS, June 2009)

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: The Recovery and Your Family (IRS, June 2009)

Introducing the Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit (Michigan Department of Treasury, June 2008)

Michigan 2-1-1: DHS EITC Demonstration Project (Michigan Association for United Ways, May 2008)

Economic Stimulus: Important Information for Tax Preparers Word Small Icon (Accounting Aid Society, February 2008)

Economic Stimulus Fact Sheet (Michigan League for Public Policy, February 2008)

A Hand Up for Michigan Workers: Michigan’s State Earned Income Tax Credit  (Anderson Economic Group and Michigan Catholic Conference, January 2008)

Investing in Michigan’s Working Poor – Building Access on the Earned Income Tax Credit and Exploring Methods of Growing what is Earned (Michigan State University Extension, 2003)



National Reports


Bridging the Gap: Refundable Tax Credits in Metropolitan and Rural America (Brookings Institution, April 2008)




EITC at work in legislative districts (tax year 2007)

I-CAN E-File Data Report 2008-2009

Impact of the Federal and State EITCs, by County 

Characteristics of EITC-Eligible Taxpayers, 2007: Michigan, Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing

Year to Year Comparison, MI EITC Returns, 2003-2007

Year to Year Comparison, MI Total Returns, 2003-2006

Year to Year Comparison, All States, 2003-2006

Year-to-Year Comparison, MI EITC VITA Returns, 2003-2006

EITC, RAL, VITA and Free File Data by Legislative District, 2006

EITC, RAL, VITA and Free File Data by Congressional District, 2006

VITA Income Tax Processing Statistics, 2006--Refund Returns

VITA Income Tax Processing Statistics, 2006--Homestead Property Tax Credit

VITA Income Tax Processing Statistics, 2006--Home Heating Credit

Home Heating Credit Data by School District, 2006 

EITC and RAL Data by State Legislative District, 2005 

Earned Income Tax Credit Refunds by County, 2005






Free Tax Assistance Sites--Three Maps (Michigan Association of United Ways)


Evaluations of Statewide EITC Coalition

Michigan Statewide EITC Coalition Evaluation Report PDF Small Icon (February 2009)

Michigan Statewide EITC Coalition Evaluation Report PDF Small Icon (September 2006)

Michigan Statewide EITC Coalition Evaluation Report PDF Small Icon (September 2005)

Michigan Statewide EITC Coalition Evaluation Report PDF Small Icon (September 2004)

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