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If you are a Michigan taxpayer looking for FREE help completing your income taxes and claiming the Federal and State Earned Income Tax Credit, then you have come to the right place. Choose from one of the two options below.  You can also learn more at our partner site,!

Self- Help Tax Prep


Volunteer Assisted Tax Prep

If you'd like to prepare your taxes yourself online, there are many options.  One option is to use the IRS' Free File program.  If your Adjusted Gross Income is less than $57,000, you can access FREE web-based software that will help you do your federal taxes for FREE. You may be able to also do your state taxes. You can get information at any time, but you cannot prepare your taxes until after January 30th.

Another option for free online tax preparation is to visit, and click on the name of a coalition near you to access their volunteer assisted self-preparation services. Taxes are easy to do online, and you don't need to be a computer expert. Answer a few questions and your tax returns will be prepared, and you will get help e-filing.


There are hundreds of VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) sites scattered all over Michigan where you can have an IRS-trained volunteer prepare and efile your state and federal tax return for you for free. You must meet income requirements to be eligible, but generally anyone who qualifies for the Earned Income Tax Credit will be eligible for free VITA help.

To locate a VITA site near you, call 2-1-1 or review this list of free tax preparation sites near you.


You could be eligible to receive up to several thousand dollars through the Earned Income Tax Credit

 Do you qualify for Federal EITC?

  • Workers with three or more children who earned less than $45,060 ($50,270 married filing jointly) in 2012 are eligible for a credit of up to $5,891.
  • Workers with two children who earned less than $41,952 ($47,162 married filing jointly) in 2012 are eligible for a credit of up to $5,236.
  • Workers with one child who earned less than $36,920 ($42,130 married filing jointly) in 2012 are eligible for a credit of up to $3,169.
  • Workers without a qualifying child who earned less than $13,980 ($19,190 married filing jointly) in 2012 are eligible for a credit of up to $475.
  • If households had investment income in 2012, it must be below $3,200 in order to qualify for EITC.


 Do you qualify for Michigan's EITC?

Michigan’s state EITC is equal to 6% of your Federal EITC.

Changes in state law may result in a lower tax return this year

As a VITA/TCE or free tax preparation client, we want to tell you about recent changes in tax law adopted by the Michigan Legislature. These changes are in effect for the 2012 tax year and will be reflected in all state returns filed in 2013.

As a result of these changes, you may find that your state refund may be lower than it has been in the past.

For detailed information on all of the changes to the Michigan income tax, go to: and click on the link to the Michigan Department of Treasury website.

The changes that are most likely to impact you and MAY REDUCE your 2012 State of Michigan Income Tax return include:

·         Elimination of the $600 exemption for children 18 and under

·         Reduction of the Michigan EITC from 20% of the federal to 6%

·         Reduction of the Homestead Property Tax Credit

·         Elimination of the city income tax credit

·         Elimination of the charitable contribution credits

·         Elimination of credits for medical savings accounts and college tuition and fees

·         Elimination of special exemptions for seniors

·         Pension and retirement income is now tax in some instances

·         Elimination of tax credits for adoption expenses

If you have any questions regarding how these changes may impact your return, please ask your IRS trained and certified tax preparer.


Show Me the Money Day Events, 2013

Show Me the Money Day is an annual statewide event in Michigan held on the last weekend in January. Local events held across the state provide Michigan residents access to numerous community resources through vendor fairs and free financial education classes. Stay tuned for more information coming soon! For more information, you can also visit the Show Me the Monday Day website.



Rural Tax Issues:

Do you have questions about rural tax issues? Utah State University Cooperative Extension recently launched a Rural Tax Education website to provide farmers and ranchers and Extension educators with agriculturally-related income tax information.  The homepage of the website includes information about upcoming free-of-charge webinars related to agricultural taxes, as well as a highlighted hot topic in the farm tax field.  It also includes a link to the updated Tax Guide for Owners and Operators of Small and Medium Farms.

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